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Woodbury’s city-wide garage sale.

Woodbury residents are about to get the fresh feel of spring cleaning when digging out their gently used items for this year’s 44th annual city-wide Lions Garage Sale on the weekend of May 13.

Unlike those side-show-esque college comedy nights featuring the likes of The Great Gambini’s Hypnotic Acts, Susan James won’t make you jabber away in Martian or dance the funky chicken in front of a crowd—but the certified hypnotist can help you quit smoking, lose weight, relieve anxiety and muc

Do you use the parks and athletic fields? Wonder about efforts for affordable housing and incentivizing business growth? “Most citizens don’t realize the influence the residents have on the decisions that impact the community,” says Bob Klatt, city of Woodbury parks and recreation director.

Consider these words: hospital food. Did your gag reflex kick in? It’s a natural reaction. One of the greatest ironies of our healthcare system is that our healing institutions prepare and serve unhealthy, uninspired and unappetizing food.