Health & Wellness

Dr. Kalsi at the opening of the new Woodbury Minnesota Vein Clinic location.

Minnesota Vein Center Opens a New Woodbury Clinic. Dr. Kalsi helps us detangle the differences between spider veins and varicose veins.

A new year is at hand. If you’ve munched the remnant crumbs from the cookie exchange platter and will soon be shopping for a new spring break swimsuit, it may be time to revisit your fitness goals and get that mid-winter conditioning back on track.

“Get outdoors!” we’re told. The benefits of maintaining physical activity are well-documented. So too are the benefits of getting fresh air and strengthening our social connections. Wrap these ideas inside Gore-Tex and Smart Wool and you’ve got yourself a ski racer.

The Schill family is ready to celebrate 2014.

For 13 years, the city of Woodbury has hosted a family-friendly New Year’s Eve Bash at Bielenberg Sports Center, allowing party-goers to celebrate midnight a few hours early.

Jillian Lampert at The Emily Program's new Woodbury location.

The Emily Program, a nationally recognized eating disorder treatment program, has come to Woodbury. And when more children and adolescents in the United States live with eating disorders than diabetes, the availability of effective treatment is essential.

People are inspired by great works of art. Even bad works of art can inspire, in a different way. Take, for example, the Hollywood action film Kent Johnson saw about 15 years ago. He doesn't remember the name of the film, but it was a memorable experience for other reasons.

Fifteen years ago, Nena Tinoco traveled from Venezuela to the United States in search of a better life. Today, Nena’s Design creates dresses for all occasions and offers alteration services.

When Judy Lauber mentioned to her husband that she wanted to start her own cleaning business, he cautioned: “You’ll have nothing but complaints.” Now, 25 years later, Upstairs/Downstairs Custom Cleaning Service cleans dozens of Woodbury homes and small businesses.

For those missing the holiday essential baker gene, Woodbury’s mom and pop bakery offers a homey and comforting solution.