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Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota

Founded in the Twin Cities in 1995 and attracting a nation-wide clientele, the Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota (HRI), is clear in its mission: to alleviate the suffering caused by hair loss and help people to “get more hair and get more

Terry Stille with his bicycle.

Terry Stille biked every trail, county highway and public street in Washington County.

Aris Woodwinds behavioral health clinic

The Aris Clinic 's new location at Woodwinds allows the program to grow in important ways.

A camp counselor guides children through an activity at Camp Carver.

With summer just around the corner, opportunities are endless at traditional Camp Carver.

Four curling brooms and a stone at the St. Croix Curling Center

If you’ve always wanted to try curling but didn’t know where to begin, check out the St. Croix Curling Center at St. Mary’s Point Hockey Arena.

Jacek Kozdroj guides a client through an exercise at Anytime Fitness in Woodbury.

The husband and wife duo behind Anytime Fitness Woodbury have made it their mission to help anyone at any age learn how to exercise properly.

A brown dog holds a yellow toothbrush in its mouth.

Our resident pet expert breaks down the benefits of the best dog treats.

A woman walks two dogs.

Our resident pet expert answers a common question: Do walks really make a difference?

A variety of healthy foods in Tupperware.

Seemingly small lifestyle changes have a big impact on staying healthy.

A grandfather and grandson play superheroes

This year, forget about the usual resolutions and the superficial promises of vanity at New Year’s.