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Yes, technically it's April, but March Madness comes to Minneapolis this week. if you’re trying to score some last-minute Final Four tickets, the Better Business Bureau has some advice.

A relocation brings more health care to the city’s northeast side.

A new spa in Woodbury offers an innovative way of rejuvenating and healing the body.

A new partnership brings playful to a new level. The Madison Claire Foundation, along with Maplewood Mall, will construct the first indoor inclusive playground at the mall.

Woodbury native Jake Guentzel will remember the summer of 2017 for the rest of his life. On the night of June 11, he helped his NHL Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Nashville Predators in a six-game series.  

Then, on Thursday, July 13, Guentzel brought the Stanley Cup to Woodbury.

Although it was once thought to be exclusively for the rich and famous, plastic surgery has become mainstream in recent years, and it’s only getting more popular.

The healing power of art has been long recognized and celebrated. Its ability to surrender usually busy brains to simplicity and peace has made it a valued therapy method.

Amanda Riley, owner of Blissful Balance, first introduced an infrared sauna to her studio last November. When asked what it helps with, Riley’s response is, “Pretty much everything.”

“Many people don’t realize the issues they’re experiencing with their skin are caused in the summer,” says Jennifer O’Keefe, an esthetician at Radiance Medspa in Woodbury.

If you’re looking for a Halloween celebration unlike any other, this spooky and fun event at Jerry’s Foods is just for you.

Back in the late '80s, spectators at Woodbury High School junior varsity girls’ basketball games became accustomed to an unusual sight: a 6-year-old kid standing in one corner of the gym, making hand signals and pretending to referee the game.