“I joke that I came to an auction to buy a lamp, and came home with a house,” says the co-owner of the historic Charles Spangenberg Farmstead on the southern edge of Woodbury, one of Washington County’s few remaining 19th-century farmsteads.

Jim Kachel always knew he wanted to work with his hands. What he didn’t know was that someday he would own his own business. “At a young age I watched my father finish our basement and thought it was cool,” Kachel says.

Want to know what’s happening in Woodbury? The annual State of the City address provides a snapshot on the economic condition of our city as well as upcoming projects and goals.

Tired of the same old Halloween? Whether you’re an empty nester thinking of throwing your own party, or a parent looking for something that doesn’t involve kids dressed up like Frozen characters (again), there are plenty of ways to do Halloween like an adult.

As the mercury dips and fireplaces flicker back to life this month, many will be tempted by that new addition or upgrade to their hearth.

Any parent knows that raising children takes years of putting their needs ahead of your own, until one day you can send them off into the world to be successful adults in their own right.

It’s the 100-year project, otherwise known as your house. Potential projects continually manifest; some are small and some require a complete overhaul.

Gone are the days of formal living rooms and dining rooms, as current trends for open concept spaces reflect the more casual and multi-functional lifestyle of today’s families. As a result, many owners of older homes are left with rooms that don’t function well.

Twelve years ago, Diane Bjorkman and husband Bill Lehman took over Gentle Transitions (GT), a senior move management company serving the metro and outlying areas since 1990.

We’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the past few months; it’s safe to bet you’re tired of the same old space and ready to implement of all the ideas you “pinned” or “houzz’d” this winter.