Many of us have noticed this quaint red barn on the northwest corner of Valley Creek Road and Manning Avenue, a nod to Woodbury’s farming heritage. “I’ve seen it many times while driving down Valley Creek Road and always wanted to photograph it,” Shannon Rode says.

How much do you know about your local public safety department? You may not know that the Woodbury public safety department is quite unique in its organization.

Work-life balance is one of those buzz phrases we all know. But what happens when your work is your life?

Style smarts
Style Smarts
A glimpse at before (left) and after (right).

Think twice before you put that wooden chest of drawers in the garage sale pile. With a coat or two of one-step paint, that piece of furniture can be refurbished for either traditional or contemporary design.

Realtor Kim Ziton, left, and the Shilling family.

When the city of Woodbury was incorporated in 1967, it was a rural township. For those earlier residents who remember acres of farmland and stretches of empty road, it would have been impossible to imagine the progressive community that Woodbury is today.

Location, Location, Location. Anyone who’s ever bought a home knows this phrase; it usually implies the sacrifice that’s made to get the home of your dreams in your dream location.

The transition from one home to the next often presents challenges. The city of Woodbury houses several senior home options for those looking to move.