The Inside Guide: Best Of FAQs

Learn all you need to know about the Best of Woodbury readers’ choice competition, including categories, ballots, selection and more.
Best of Woodbury 2014 winners for Best Insurance Agent: Dan Wright

Choosing Categories

Each year, the editorial and management teams evaluate our list of categories for the Best of Woodbury survey, usually eliminating a few of the less popular ones—where fewer people voted—and adding new topics to keep things fresh. And of course, we always take into account feedback from our readers; we appreciate hearing from you about categories you’d like to see added or nixed.

When we began publishing the Best of Woodbury as a separate issue of Woodbury Magazine two years ago, we expanded our list from around 30 to almost 50 categories, and added an Editor’s Pick section that recognizes special individuals or businesses.

Casting Ballots

Beginning on October 1 and running through November 15, 2014, we invited readers to go online to to tell us their favorites in the selected 50 categories. As in past years, it was a write-in ballot with no pre-selected choices from the editorial staff. We truly rely on readers to decide on the finalists and winners in each category.

Counting Votes

Once voting closed on November 15, our editorial and management teams began the challenging task of tabulating the results. To be efficient and fair, we do adhere to a few rules as we count the votes.

  • žReaders cannot vote more than once from the same IP address. Each device–phone, computer, tablet—has its own IP address. We automatically eliminate any additional votes from an IP address to control any possibility of ballot-stuffing.
  • žReaders must vote in a minimum of 10 categories for their ballot to be considered valid; ballots with votes in fewer than 10 categories are eliminated. Again, this is to obtain a fair representation of selections by readers.
  • žThe top three vote-getters in each category become finalists, and the top vote-getter is the winner. At this point, our editorial team fact checks the address and contact information for each finalist. If the finalist is no longer a valid selection due to a closed business, etc., we then move to the next highest vote-getter, who then becomes a finalist.
  • žAs soon as all the 2015 votes were tabulated and finalists determined, we posted the results at The winners in each category were kept secret until the Best of Woodbury event at the Prom Center on April 16; finalists and winners are also revealed in this special Best of Woodbury issue of Woodbury Magazine, which was distributed at the event and mailed with the May 2015 issue.

More Inside Scoop:

Community-centric: Occasionally, we get questions from readers about the inclusion on the list of a business located just outside of Woodbury Magazine’s coverage area. In order to qualify as a finalist in the Best of Woodbury survey, the business or individual must be located in the community and/or provide services to Woodbury residents.

Spreading the word: Just as we advertise the Best of Woodbury voting in our print publications, online, and through Facebook and Twitter, it’s also become very common for local businesses, individuals and others to do the same and encourage their clients, fans and friends to cast a vote for them in a particular Best of Woodbury category.

Winning ways: Each winner receives a framed copy of this year’s Best of Woodbury cover design, indicating the winning category and their business name. They also receive a “Best of 2015” icon, perfect for marketing/promotional materials.

Editor’s Pick

Did you know?

Debbie Musser, editor of Woodbury Magazine, has selected some special businesses and a nonprofit organization that she believes are deserving of recognition.