April 2017 Woodbury Magazine

In the April issue Woodbury native Derk Hansen shares a lifetime of adventure as an oil painter.

Sometimes, something beautiful can come from a mishap. Early morning during Memorial Day weekend, Gina Osowski was looking forward to a family picnic in Wisconsin.


There’s a little bit of Italy right here in Woodbury. Chef Angelo Montes was born in Licata, Sicily and raised in Biella near Milan; there he was able to experience firsthand the cuisine and tradition of the Italian culture which is now reflected in his local restaurant, Sole Mio Ristorante.


If you ask Keith Kinsey, CEO of Portillo’s, what makes this Chicago-based chain a favorite among many, he will tell you that there are three specific factors: the food, the venue and the people.


Jennifer Gockowski’s new business, Jennifer Illustrations, came to be just like many great things in life—after a long and winding road of career changes, not all of which were in her control. But her love of art started long before the word “career” was on her mind.


Homeowners Jim and Liz Midtlien take pride in their backyard retreat, which features a woodland garden they have lovingly nurtured over the past 15 years.


The growth of our community has always been shaped and defined by the families who move here.  As Woodbury celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017, it’s interesting to look back over the city’s growth through the lens of the local public school systems.


From now through Good Friday, St.


The Business Professionals of America (BPA) program has been around since 1966 as a student organization preparing youth with professional, business-related training.


Derk Hansen worked as a background designer for a local company that produced decorative wallet accessories in the late 1960s. The business regularly imported European oil paintings, some arriving slightly damaged from shipping.


You may have driven by some of these local street signs and wondered, how do you say that? We checked in with Dwight Picha, city of Woodbury community development director, for the correct pronunciations and some interesting history as well.


In the age of startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, co-working spaces are becoming the new workplace. A co-working space is a professional shared workplace offering gym membership-type agreements for clients to utilize office space as well as professional resources in a community setting.


Skill “How comfortable are your kids floating and putting their faces in the water? This will determine the starting point for all swim classes.”


Prom season is here. While it’s likely teens will spend a considerable amount of time choosing that perfect gown or tuxedo, they can’t forget about that one important accessory: flowers.