April 2021

Thank a teacher

“THE TEACHERS DESERVE THE AWARDS for all that they do, especially during these times,” says Stephanie Lundell, who received first place in the Activities & Events category of the Focus on Woodbury photo contest for her submission titled Red Rock Teach Parade.

Indian Food, Naan

“One of the characteristics of the South Asian community is hospitality. We want to create that in our grocery store and deli,” says Muddla Visweswara Rao, one of three female owners of Woodbury’s Fresh India Food Store.

Earth Day - Butterfly

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated around the world. The day is dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection and awareness about climate change and global warming.

Amaris Homes - Green Homes

Leader in the affordable energy home industry, Amaris Custom Homes in Woodbury received the 2020 Grand Winner recognition in the Custom Homes on Spec category from the U.S.

Keep pets safe, golden dog

With many Minnesotans sticking closer to home during the pandemic, folks have been looking for inspired ways to use their newfound time and engage in socially-distanced endeavors. For some, that meant welcoming pets into their homes— some for the first time.

Go green, compost

When I first began composting, I grabbed an ordinary trash can and composting bags from my local grocer, placed the bin under the kitchen sink and began composting my food and plant scraps.

Muslim faith - Wasoon Khan

WOODBURY COMMUNITY MEMBERS of Muslim faith have gathered at the Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center (ETCIC) for daily prayer, worship, gatherings and more, including the annual celebration of Ramadan, since its inception in 2004. However, this year’s celebration looks a little different.

Through a fun and supportive environment, boys and girls in grades 5–11 have the chance to progress their skills during the spring and summer seasons.

ONE NEW BASKETBALL LEAGUE, Opportunity Basketball, is committed to developing better players, teammates and decision makers. Through a fun and supportive environment, boys and girls in grades 5–11 have the chance to progress their skills during the spring and summer seasons.


FOR PARENTS RAISING A CHILD WITH AUTISM, it may at times feel isolating—but they’re far from alone.


With a mere 150 square feet, I only grow what I know I’ll eat, and only the easy stuff—tomatoes, peas, zucchini herbs and lots of lettuces, for the most part. I humbly admit I am a below-average, somewhat lazy gardener.


When was the last time you found the patience or the humility to truly listen to someone who does not share your views?


There is a lot of medical evidence today showing damage to a dog’s neck from a collar—which is important for carrying identification. But a harness is much more appropriate for attaching a leash to—it allows you to snap a leash on the back or at the chest area. There is also a head harness.


Your wellness level depends on consistently getting in a basic workout. But how you approach your workout program will determine whether it upgrades your health or causes an issue—the exact opposite of your intention.

Poetry has been my favorite genre of literature

Poetry has always been my favorite genre because of its ability to take memoir and literature and shake them until just their barest beauty remain. Whole lifetimes can be condensed into a few short lines of carefully chosen words.