April 2022

This month, we’re celebrating beauty and style. "Style is something each of us already has, all we need is to find it.”
—Diane von Furstenberg

Contemporary Threads

Hobbyist photographer and artist Loriene Pearson captured herself on a July foggy morning. She laid out clothesline with her husband to catch the woven beauty of her embroidery. Pearson avidly showcases indigenous embroidery she self-taught herself three years ago.

Community Awards Gala 2022

The annual Community Awards Gala was held by the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce on January 21. The night included a social hour, live music, a wine pull, a silent auction, dinner and more.

A Spring Celebration

We have now surpassed the coldest season of the year and are firmly in the midst of spring, which means a celebration is in order. And what better way to celebrate spring than the time-honored tradition of the egg hunt?

New Options for ’Za

Whether it’s Chicago-style deep dish, New York thin crust or wood-fired artisan, there’s no shortage of different styles of pizza in the world.

In Style

For boutique co-owners Laura Polanski and Jill Shea, it’s their passion of “being a force for good” that drives their business.

A Natural Fit

For Woodbury resident Ashlee Doheny and Oakdale resident Alexandra Johnson, staying fit is more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.

A Prescription for Produce

This year, M Health Fairview Clinic–Woodwinds celebrates its second year of the Veggie Rx program, a partnership with Sin Fronteras Farm & Food, which provides farm-fresh produce to patients experiencing food insecurities in the Woodbury area.

Local beauty studio specializes in permanent makeup.

When Minnesota native Tara Alcure moved from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Woodbury, she brought her passion for cosmetology with her. In 2019, she opened a cosmetic tattoo studio, Electric Beauty. The studio, now in Woodbury, was immediately a big hit in the community.

East Metro Motors

“We’re fortunate to live in Woodbury ... It's a great place to be into cars.”
-Eric Galler, co-founderof Woodbury Wheels


I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I was a preteen. As I’ve “matured,” I’ve discovered that the secret to any truly great look starts with really good skin.

Mary Jane

1970s Baltimore: Mary Jane Dillard is 14 and has been raised to be a proper young woman. Thanks to her strict mother, she knows how to keep a tidy household, prepare meals and dress modestly.

Spring Closet Refresh

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning and reorganizing of our homes, but how often are we going through our closets and giving them a little refresh? I recommend going through your wardrobe twice a year to edit it down and make getting ready more enjoyable.


There is something uniquely thrilling about closing your eyes, jumping into a new venture and not knowing exactly what the landing is going to feel like. As children, it was what we longed for. But as adults, we often take safer routes. Perhaps, we have more to lose.

Cheers to Springtime

If you have a bottle of white wine that has been rolling around in your fridge for months or a red wine that has been sitting too long on the wine rack, let’s turn them into fun springtime cocktails.

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