August 2015 Woodbury Magazine

In the August issue meet five high school seniors who shine bright get to know a gluten-free baker extraordinaire and learn about a unique program that empowers adults with disabilities.

Joyce Anderstrom and her husband, Alan, headed to Ojibway Park last August to enjoy the evening excitement of Woodbury Days.


If you still think that avocados are fattening, it’s time for a mind shift. Yes, they are high in fat, but it’s good fat, i.e. monounsaturated, the kind that gives you shiny hair, befriends your arteries and lowers cholesterol levels. Avocados are also full of vitamins B, K and C.


The Woodbury Farmers Market at the YMCA parking lot drew good crowds throughout the summer on Sunday mornings for fresh vegetables, fruit and other local food products.


Relay for Life participants raised funds and awareness about cancer.


It’s no secret that Woodbury is expanding as new businesses continue to move in. Thanh Do is one of those new restaurants that recently set up shop in City Walk, on the east side of town.


Alexander Heide
East Ridge High School


When Caleb Gotz and Scott Koehnen finished their four years of high school, they weren’t quite ready to move on. Both young men, now 21, have disabilities that make the transition out of high school a challenge.


Passing by Sweet Pea’s Floral, it might not be immediately obvious that miraculous transformations are occurring within.


Last fall, Woodbury Middle School teachers Erin Caughron and Angela Hill saw the seventh grade class take their lessons from the desk to the dinner table.


Change is a beautiful thing when we desire it, but when it shows up on our front steps unannounced, we tend to want to slam the door in its face.


On Christmas 2013, Sharon and Bruce Perkins received what Sharon describes as “the best gift we’ve ever asked for.” It was a dollhouse-sized book shelter, handcrafted by their son-in-law, Brian Alwin.


There’s no confusion as to what the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce business education partnership committee does; it’s all in the name. The committee brings together businesses, education and the community to work collaboratively on forming well-equipped learners.


A Greener Read wants to change the scope of the classic “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto and has been pretty successful in doing so.


The annual Woodbury celebration is here: Woodbury Days brings the community together with old favorites, slightly modified classics and new events.


For almost 10 years, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center has incorporated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into its curriculum with the help of a partnership with Curious Minds.


The Tentis family, Dave, Gretchen, Kayden and Marshall and the Hoff family, Chris, Jenny, Emma and Sam traveled together from Woodbury to Ixtapa, Mexico.


Is there something that you’ve always wanted to learn? South Washington County Schools’ community education offers local, affordable, hands-on classes to get you started. Here are some top picks for fall:


Kym Spiralke has brought Dixie Blue BarBQue to you. Last spring, a Woodbury branch of the restaurant opened to deliver genuine barbecue flavor to local residents.


Margaret Eggert, an East Ridge High School graduate, is passionate about volleyball. She’s excited to be on the Gopher volleyball team at the University of Minnesota, where she’s transferring this year from the University of Mississippi.