June 2016 Woodbury Magazine

In the June issue we're home in the heartland with blogger and creator of The Midwestival, Annie D'Souza. We also check out the best burgers in town and learn about what draws two snowbird couples back to Woodbury every summer.

We asked Danielle Philippon, marketing and media coordinator at Craft Beer & Kitchen, for her top summer beer recommendations.

Odell 90 Shilling


Christine Quirk, 22, has lived in Woodbury her entire life with one exception: She went away to New York for college, then moved back to town in May 2016. This fun photo was taken in her family’s pool last summer.


There are Almost endless ways to enjoy one of America’s favorite comfort foods: the burger. Some burgers are stuffed, sweet, hot or piled high with toppings.


Large crowds came to East Ridge High School’s Loft Stage to see Woodbury Community Theatre’s Stars on Broadway which featured songs from Disney.


The Remke family has been involved in Relay for Life since 2006. After her father was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005, Missy Remke decided to attend an informational meeting.


Spring means many things to eager Minnesotans, who can resume beloved outdoor activities unencumbered by down lining and flannel.


Nothing says summer more than a backyard barbecue, and in Minnesota we have to take advantage of every nice day we get. While many of us heat up the grill, there are a few Woodbury residents who will be pulling out a different piece of equipment.


When Donna Smith-Stafford lost her husband to a sudden heart attack, Woodbury lost a beloved and dedicated community leader.


Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz combined passion, creativity and baking skills to make bundt cakes for their friends and family.


Anyone who lives in Minnesota knows the Midwest isn’t “flyover country.” Woodbury native and Minneapolis resident Annie D’Souza is challenging that false notion one blog post at a time.


Summer is the time for FRUITY drinks. Try these cool beverages from Kowalski’s Companies culinary director, Rachael Perron.

1. Basil Gin and Ginger
makes 2


According to Jim Westerman, the city of Woodbury’s utilities superintendent, the number of wells used to provide water to residents in the summer versus the winter jumps from two to four in cold months, and 14 to 16 in warmer months, almost entirely due to lawn irrigation.


Island Getaway
Cindy Ekern of Woodbury paused while hiking the Ancient Kings Trail on Hawaii’s Waikoloa Island to snap a photo with a copy of Woodbury Magazine.


The Carver Lake Camp Out provides a great family weekend getaway opportunity right in the community. “You feel like you’re out in the wilderness, but it’s really just a drive from home,” says city of Woodbury recreation technician Jon Hagen.


The Woodbury Pickleball Program has been using converted tennis courts at Shawnee Park for about four years. A large number of pickleball players attended the 2016 budget meeting and expressed an interest in upgrading the facilities.


Jessica Johnson, owner of The Salon, says she chose to open her business in Woodbury last February because this is where her career started.


Teachers Angela Gorman and Lanette Sowle have many years of combined experience. The two local women met in early 2015 while teaching preschool and kindergarten and quickly found their passion for inspiring students was bigger than the classroom itself.


Back in 1980, a Woodbury high school teacher named Joan Leedahl partnered with the city of Woodbury as part of a classroom project.


Clean care. This is the focus behind new nail franchise studio Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care, which opened in May.