March 2015

In the March issue of Woodbury Magazine you'll meet Woodbury's biggest fan, our city's best hot tomatoes, and the story behind Nadia Cakes.

While enjoying a beautiful summer day at Carver Lake, Leia Felicilda noticed some visitors approaching.


Very few people are indifferent about the tomato. Opinions swing from cultish obsession to virulent phobia, but the lackluster “meh” is conspicuously absent.


Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic School
celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a
variety of activities, including dress-up days and field trips.


Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual gala at the Prom Center,
recognizing the business, educator, citizen and nonprofit organization of the


Camp can be the perfect way to fill some of that summer time with something kids love.


You might already be familiar with the whimsical cake and cupcake creations offered at Nadia Cakes.


You may recognize Inez Oehlke around town. She’s the woman enjoying a meal and family time at the Old Country Buffet, a popular choice for her great-grandchildren.


We’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the past few months; it’s safe to bet you’re tired of the same old space and ready to implement of all the ideas you “pinned” or “houzz’d” this winter.


When mothers Renee Bychinski and Janelle Rizzardi were faced with the pressure of throwing a backyard bash for their graduating high school seniors, longtime friends Julie Walfoort, Peggy Dolan, Laurie Beebe, Mary Pat Oien, Julie Harreld, Cindy Kim, Judy Hall


Believe it or not, there is an impressive fencing culture here in Woodbury. We spoke to three local athletes making waves in the fencing community and learned more about what makes the sport so special.


We want it all from food: be good for me, be easy enough for me to make, and, oh yeah, could you be outrageously delicious as well?


Dazzling wine doesn’t have to be damaging to your bank account.


For six years, Doug and Margaret Lattin have been ensuring local events and parties go off without a hitch, with a simple pitch—of a tent, that is.


All around the world, eggs are decorated and used in various activities to celebrate the Easter season. In the United States, we have the legendary Easter egg hunt.


Nick Miller and Steve Shor of Woodbury stop at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, Calif. They are two of seven grad school friends who have traveled together for 20 years.


The votes have been tallied and the top three finalists for each category have been announced.


When Joe Lehn and Tim Michalski’s wives suggested they meet and talk about their similar interests, they had no idea of the future the friendship would forge.


Woodbury has a band superstar.


In an age of technology-driven instant gratification, business models are constantly shifting and changing to serve a new ideal in what’s quick and what’s convenient. The food business is no exception.