March 2018 Woodbury Magazine

In the March issue we're checking in with interior designer Monica Diaz as she returns to Woodbury.

After dabbling in film-based photography in high school, Thanna Goff recently got back into it, with classes “and everything for digital cameras. It’s a new world, with endless possibilities,” she says. “Creativity is at my core.


Davanni’s Pizza & Hot Hoagies is a staple in the Woodbury community (and beyond), and over the years it has meant many different things to many people.


Stars on Broadway returns with its fourth installment, and this time, the show is bringing rock n’ roll.


From scrapbooking and knitting to woodworking or fixing cars, homeowner hobbies are part of what makes us tick. Dedicating a space in your home for your passion is a great way to find more time to do what you love.


More than its steeple and stained glass windows, a church is its people. Though a physical space in which to gather and worship is important, a congregation is the real heart and soul of a faith community.


For thousands of years, people have found connection and belonging through religion. Now, in a world operating in an increasingly global manner, churches have extended their relationships and reach. St.


In Minnesota, spring usually is just an extension of winter’s icy grasp.  While the days of sun, shorts and sandals are still far ahead, these soups from the Woodbury area’s finest will keep you warm until the seasonal thaw.


The late summer air is filled with delectable smells, from roasted corn to ice cream to cheese curds. Children's delighted shrieks filter through the warm afternoon. Surrounded by friends and neighbors, this is a time when Woodbury’s colors shine bright.


Gone are the days of avocado-colored refrigerators, wallpaper, wood paneling and brass fixtures. It’s time for an update and opportunity to freshen up with remodeling. But before you overhaul your home, you may want to reconsider some of those design aesthetics.


After looking for alternative ways to raise funds, Jacki Frazer and others created the Math and Science Academy’s first Dragon Dinner in 2017. They’re now gearing up for this year’s event on April 14.


Woodbury resident Anne Miller’s grandmother, who would bake rye bread nearly every Sunday, and Father Dominic, star of Breaking Bread on PBS, were her baking influencers. In 2011, Miller entered the Minnesota State Fair the first time, winning nothing.


March is a month of change, and what better way to embrace that change than to stock up on new recipes that your family and friends will all enjoy.


Since 1999, local resident Wade Hanson has pursued his passion as a real estate agent. For him, each transaction is about the relationship with his client and comprehending the uniqueness of each home.


Image 360-Woodbury is a graphic design company that focuses on the entire visual communication package. Unlike other agencies, Image 360 takes one step further, actually producing products as well.


After constantly moving due to her husband’s career, Monica Diaz discovered that she had an eye for design. Each move required her to set up and decorate a new home for her family, and it was through this that she found her love for interior design.