May 2015

In the May 2015 issue of Woodbury Magazine, you'll find restaurants with bacon specialty dishes, learn how St. Paul Saints manager makes baseball fun, and three local healthcare providers that grew up in Woodbury.

I admit that I am very fond of this particular photo. The subjects are two special people in my life: my granddaughter, Mia Musser, with her mother—my daughter-in-law—Katie. The peaceful scene was snapped by Katie’s father, Steve Kobayashi, using a Canon 60D camera with a 28 mm lens.


The last decade in American food culture has borne a bacon frenzy that shows no signs of slowing, and why on earth would it? Bacon is beloved by all; even vegetarians are not safe from bacon-induced slipups.


St. Patrick's Day festivities at O'Malley's Irish Pub included live music, green beer, classic corned beef and cabbage, and Irish beers on tap.


The R.H. Stafford Library is full of happy children and their caregivers at the library-sponsored Toddler Storytime.


The owners of two popular Twin Cities diner destinations have added a new location in Woodbury after months of looking for a place to set up shop.


Woodbury is home to many excellent health care providers. Some of those, including Dr. Ann Lavers, Nadine Haddad and Nick Loudas, also grew up right here in Woodbury. They graciously shared their experiences in our city then and now with Woodbury Magazine.


Since opening in late 2012, the Ojibway Park Skate Plaza in Woodbury has been a hit with skateboarders and inline skaters who enjoy honing and showing off their skills and tricks, along with their frien


Woodbury Magazine caught up with the city’s parks and recreation staff to get the lowdown on this season’s programs, designed to get you up and active. From preschoolers to adults, there’s something for everyone in town.


It’s Hollywood’s clichéd newborn-in-hospital scene: A nurse carries a swaddled baby into a nursery full of other swaddled babies, while family members admire from a large viewing window.


There’s plenty for graduating high school seniors to look forward to in the spring. In Woodbury, in addition to all the parties and pomp and circumstance, students look forward to giving back to their community.


Most people don’t spend much time thinking about where their cable television comes from (at least until the bill arrives).


Whether it’s a literal physical place or a metaphorical state of mind, a destination is a special location. That’s why this year’s theme for Woodbury High School’s cabaret show is just that: Destination.


A year ago, at the Woodbury Area Prayer Breakfast, Mark Crea, executive director of Feed My Starving Children, challenged Woodbury to the idea of hosting a mega mobile pack—a community-wide ev


Ready for some girlfriend time? Woodbury Lakes has you covered with an evening of shopping, fun, prizes and entertainment.


Should you call 911, or not? Most of us have faced that on-the-fence moment with a serious—but not immediately life-threatening—illness or injury. Our emergency medical questions are answered by Dr.


Anyone with a basic understanding of the human body knows that we are made up of systems, and these systems work together.


Woodbury resident Derek Sharrer has wanted to be the general manager of a baseball team since his early years in college. Sharrer has been with the St. Paul Saints since 2004, but he didn’t start there.