November 2021

This November, we’re celebrating food, wine and family fun. So gather around the table, say your blessings and rejoice in a delicious meal. Cheers!

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November is known as the time to gather. To pull out your best China dinnerware, whip up a delicious meal, adorn the table in festive garb and gather with your closest friends and family to celebrate one another. However, this November feels more special than others.

Neowise Over Woodbury

Each month, we feature one of the photos from our 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest. This month, we asked hobby photographer Andrew O’Meara to tell us about Neowise Over Woodbury, which took third place in the Wildlife & Nature category.

turkey noodle soup

Somewhere, someone in your family or friend circle is already planning this year’s Thanksgiving meal.

racing illustration

Get moving at the Woodbury Wobble. Inspired by a personal and professional love of fitness, husband and wife team Robert and Brooke Selb first organized the Woodbury Wobble three years ago.

Jennie and Mark Hargis with their children

For residents of Woodbury, the Hargis name should ring a bell. Bill Hargis served as Woodbury’s mayor for 17 years and many say he’s responsible for the growth of the city.


Wine can be appreciated all year-long, but it’s especially apropos during the holiday season. Dinner parties, restaurant gatherings and holiday gift giving tend to make wine top of mind for many revelers.

Rock U Music School owner Brian King

Founded on the notion of providing a space for students of all types to discover themselves, Rock U Music School owner Brian King says the school is not tailored to one type of person.


For the Klein family, recovery is the most important part of a workout routine.

visiting elderly parent

November is alzheimer's awareness month, and with a desire to create environment that caters to all, Dementia Partners Woodbury is a new initiative that brings light to those suffering from dementia within the community.

Megan Junker

For Megan Junker, health has always been on the forefront of her mind. “I have always been athletic, but after having kids I got into bodybuilding,” Junker says. “After bodybuilding, I started personal training, and that’s how I started meal prepping …”

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

With the holidays just around the corner, take time to entertain guests with a festive whiskey sour. To entertain for a larger batch, multiply the amounts below by up to four. Enjoy! 


Pet parents will often say something like, “I love my dog because they love me unconditionally.” And we certainly feel grateful for our dog’s love. Dogs are also very loyal to the end toward their humans.

Crying in H Mart

Michelle Zauner grapples with this painful realization when her 56-year-old mother is diagnosed with cancer. Zauner’s memoir, which originated in a New York Times essay, delves into her complicated relationship with her mother and food.


Can either intuition or reason truly be trusted to truly bring us to truth? Is it a bad thing to shift positions? I am going to try harder to enjoy changing my mind and questioning.

Napa Valley Brussels Sprouts

I don’t mind turkey, ham, etc., but these traditional holiday offerings are just never as exciting to me as practically anything else on the table.

Bertello Pizza Oven

When Woodbury native Eric Bert was 9 years old, he began building what his friends called the “Treehouse Mansion.”