October 2016 Woodbury Magazine

This month, dive into the vibrant Woodbury culinary scene in the annual food issue.

A Woodbury resident for almost three years, Stephanie Lundell describes herself as “a busy mom of two awesome kids” who works part-time at Babies R Us. She also owns a photography business, Captured Photography by Stephanie Lundell.


Happy hour doesn’t just have to be about drinks. For everyone looking for a tasty appetizer, flatbread or burger to accompany their drink special, these local happy hour deals are hard to beat.


Growing up on the east side of St. Paul, Mike Tuckner always considered Red’s Savoy Pizza to be the best pizza.


This fall, Woodbury is welcoming a store that will have any food-lover bursting with excitement. Sur La Table, the Seattle-based kitchen store, is joining the CityPlace lineup, bringing the top tools to Woodbury kitchens.


Name that holiday: It’s celebrated by millions of people around the globe across five different religions and commemorates nothing less than the triumph of good over evil. Give up? It is Diwali, and it is divine in both senses of the word—an occasion that is lovely and also honors the gods.


“Food should be fun. It can be, and it can still be good for you,” says chef Jeremy Reinicke of Ways to Wellness in Woodbury. “If food tastes good, it will satisfy the craving and you’ll naturally eat less.”


The name of Woodbury resident Dave Merten’s 8-year-old salsa company, SnappyDog Salsa, started as a family joke. While snorkeling on vacation, Dave’s son saw a dog snapper fish and was so excited he flubbed the fish’s name.


Woodbury animal lovers hailed the opening of a new Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies in CityPlace shopping center this summer.


Like many successful businesses, Naf Naf Grill was started by a couple of people with little more than a good idea and a lot of determination.


Woodbury resident Barbara Flanaghan caught up with the local news amid the cactus at the spectacular Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.


Whole Foods Market will be the newest grocery store to join the Woodbury community, and expects to open in 2017. As an alternative to conventional grocery stores, Whole Foods Market strives to offer high-quality natural and organic foods, while respecting the planet.


At the Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company at Woodbury Lakes, co-owner Janet Richards and her husband, Bruce Bushey, have created a list of more than 500 “perfect pairings” of olive oil and balsamic vinegar available for customers to explore in their store.


A round, puffy pastry rolled in sugar and offered with a variety of custard and jam fillings, the paczki is a Polish tradition that has been carried on every Friday morning at Dorothy Ann Bakery and Cafe.


The Prom Center in Oakdale, host of many area corporate, nonprofit and wedding events, is now Envision Event Center.


Paleo Cooking - Indian Style


This month, Jerry’s Foods celebrates Halloween with a cake-decorating contest, free kids’ trick-or-treating event and Halloween-themed cupcakes, cakes and desserts.


After many requests to bake for various events for her co-workers while working as IT senior project manager at Target’s headquarters, local resident Jessica Van Hemert decided it was time to pursue her real passion for baking full-time and start her own business,