October 2017 Woodbury Magazine

In the October issue we're celebrating icing art as we take a closer look at how local baker Mary Bolger creates her incredible cookie designs.

A beautiful fall day and a cute corgi are the perfect combination for a great photo. “This photo was taken in my front yard, one of Tonka’s favorite places to hang out,” says Emma Schultze. “I had taken hundreds of photos of her, but this picture was the best by far.


Since its first store opened in 1980, Whole Foods Market has made a name for itself across the country as a one-stop-shop for high quality, fresh ingredients.


If you’re looking for a Halloween celebration unlike any other, this spooky and fun event at Jerry’s Foods is just for you.


Imagine a platter of jersey-shaped cookies perfectly iced with each player’s number and name on it for your next sports banquet. It’s those kinds of details that Mary Bolger is famous for.


It’s no secret that Woodbury is a great place to live, with good schools, beautiful parks and great neighbors that make it feel like the best of a big city and a small town. But even the safest communities face public safety issues that can threaten the well-being of its residents.


Founded in 1967, Woodbury Lutheran is a church with deep roots in the community. It has been an integral part of Woodbury nearly as long as the city itself has been established.


Back in the late '80s, spectators at Woodbury High School junior varsity girls’ basketball games became accustomed to an unusual sight: a 6-year-old kid standing in one corner of the gym, making hand signals and pretending to referee the game.


In two years, East Ridge High School (ERHS)  moved from an idea and a few people to school-wide events that embrace everyone, thanks to the ERHS Unified Club.


A piece of Minneapolis is firing up in Woodbury, thanks to a local family who bought and expanded Dulono’s Pizza, the well-known restaurant in LynLake since 1957.


After the huge following Instacart drew last year in Minnesota, popular demand resulted in a January 2017 expansion to cover nearly the entire Twin Cities metro area, including Woodbury.


Ultimate Paleo Protein Powder


Well-known troublemaker and narrator Junie B. Jones gets a new platform this month as she takes to the stage in the Woodbury Community Theater production of Junie B. Jones, the Musical.


Looking for a fun fall brew? Check out these satisfying options, available at Jerry’s Wine & Spirits.


For some, a crisp fall breeze means retiring the grill, along with memories of summer. Mike Marshall, manager of Von Hanson’s Meats in Woodbury, tells us why the end of the sunny season isn’t the end of great meat.


You would be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about coffee than Viviana Gurdian. A fifth-generation coffee producer, she traces everything back to her great-great-grandmother, who managed her family’s Costa Rican coffee plantation, Hacienda Miramonte.


As the granddaughter of a baker, baking has always been a big part of pastry chef Crystal Boudreau’s life. She spent holidays huddled with cousins and siblings creating a foundation for the pastry experimentation that’s now a huge part of her process.