Kids Mud Run

Splash, dive and run through Woodbury’s kid-friendly obstacle course.

Kick off the month with summer fun as your kids make their way through approximately a 1-mile-long obstacle course in Oakwood Park. Woodbury Parks and Recreation is partnering with the City of Cottage Grove to offer a course with an array of obstacles friendly for kids ages 6–12.

Elizabeth Owens, recreation program specialist, says, “There are 20 obstacles throughout the course, some of them are challenges where kids have to climb, jump, crawl under nets, dodge dodgeballs, jump through some tires … It ends with a really big mud pit.” She notes that participants can skip obstacles if they’d like.

The course will also be held in waves, with four to seven children going at a time to ensure safety and COVID-19 protocols. Owens says, “The kids adventure mud run is a really great, fun opportunity for our youth to be outside and challenge themselves with unique obstacles, all within a really friendly and welcoming environment and in a way they can’t do in their own backyard.” 

Pre-registration for this event is strongly encouraged on the Woodbury Parks and Recreation website.

June 11, 9–10 a.m.
Ages 6–12
$21 per participant
7851 Harkness Ave. S., Cottage Grove