Legacy Dance Studio in Woodbury

Dancers learn hip hop, and lifelong lessons at Legacy Dance Studio.

Fourteen-year-old Skylar Wolfe navigated YouTube for how-to hip hop dance videos. Her dance training was solely self-taught, until two years ago. She now attends Legacy Dance Studio in Woodbury.

Legacy offers three competition hip hop dance lines—Fame and Vibe for ages 17 and younger, and Minnesota Motion (MnM), comprised of mostly college-aged dancers. Last fall, MnM prepared for the World of Dance Competition through a video approval process. Once they were approved by World of Dance to compete in Chicago, they placed seventh out of 16 hip hop crews from around the country.
While Legacy also offers tap, jazz and ballet, hip hop is the only dance genre the studio does competitively. Scott Drikakis and his wife, Angie, opened the studio’s Woodbury location three years ago; his mom Eileen owns the Oakdale spot.

Scott and Angie aim to create lifelong relationships with their dancers, often seeing them through several life stages. “That’s why we named it Legacy,” Scott says. “We felt that the lessons they learned at our studio are not specific to dance but can be applied to life, relationships, teamwork and passion.”

Wolfe agrees. “I really like that everything is laid back,” she says. “It’s more just friends; everybody is really close.”

Legacy Dance Studio, 2110 Eagle Creek Lane, Suite 450; 651.337.0263.