Local Loyalty

Lighthouse Software Solutions is proud of its Woodbury presence.

When Joe Lehn and Tim Michalski’s wives suggested they meet and talk about their similar interests, they had no idea of the future the friendship would forge. Lighthouse Software Solutions, a Woodbury company, was born from the meeting.

Though the group’s goal is to provide customized software solutions for businesses in the Twin Cities area, their investment in the Woodbury community is an important one. Both founders are residents, and Michalski says, “We like to drive five miles to work through the local streets...we are locals and we love to work with locals.” The group is involved in community events, recently joined the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, and Lehn and Michalski say they want Woodbury residents on their team. “We’re committed to identifying with Woodbury, and that means bringing on people who call this home.”

Lighthouse provides large-scale software solutions to some big-city names: Wells Fargo, Ally Bank and Hennepin County to name a few, but they are a helpful stop for smaller businesses looking to improve their software. “Rather than have businesses open the yellow pages, we want them to come to us,” Lehn says. “We may not be the right group, but we’d love to connect them with the right group.”