M2B Crew is Really “Meant to Be”

Love for hip-hop joins local dancing trio Skylar, Addison and Allison.

M2B Crew is made up of trio Skylar Wolfe, Addison Wolfe and Allison Quintana. M2B means “meant to be.” The trio has so much in common and all look so similar that they feel it was meant to be that they met and joined as a crew. Skylar, 16, and her younger sister Addison, 14, along with their friend Allison, 15, have been dancing hip-hop for about three years. The girls met about seven months ago while dancing for a studio and decided as a group that the studio wasn’t for them. They left behind their costumes, classic dance roots and their dance organization and started a dance studio in the Wolfes’ basement, a place they like to call “Wolfe Den Dance.”

M2B Crew focuses on hip-hop, and they love the expression it allows them. “In ballet, every move has a specific name, but in hip-hop there’s a lot of freedom that gives you room to create your own moves,” says Skylar. The group sought out Cory Booker, one of the best choreographers in the Twin Cities, and he has been training and choreographing for the crew. This has led them to a show in New York City, various competitions in the Twin Cities and the Washington County Fair talent show, where they won first place. The M2B trio’s goal is to someday be backup dancers for famous singers, but their ultimate goal? Just to work together and help each other grow as dancers.