Margaret Eggert Shares About Her Volleyball Experience

The Woodbury native on being a gopher.

Margaret Eggert, an East Ridge High School graduate, is passionate about volleyball. She’s excited to be on the Gopher volleyball team at the University of Minnesota, where she’s transferring this year from the University of Mississippi. Here’s why:

Why did you choose to play volleyball?
Growing up, my sister played volleyball in high school. All the times she would make me come outside and she would just serve at me? Little did she know she was inspiring me to play when I was older.

What are some highlights of your high school volleyball career?
A big highlight was going to state sophomore year. That was an incredible experience and the feeling of all the hard work paying off is impossible to describe.

How about college volleyball?
I only have two collegiate seasons under my belt [at Ole Miss], but I would say becoming such great friends with everyone I have met because of this opportunity to play in college is the most memorable. I know these friendships will last long after my playing days are over and that is something to cherish.

What is your training like?
Training varies on what part of the year we are in. Training in-season is more light-medium weight for lifting and more reps, keeping our legs and bodies fresh for game day. Spring training however, is very intense and a lot of heavy max-out lifting and sprints, getting in the best shape possible for season. The off-season is really when all the work for the upcoming season is put in.

What is the most exciting part for you about joining the Gophers?
I grew up going to matches, admiring so many of the Gopher volleyball players. Now it’s a dream come true to be one of them. It’s also very exciting for me because my dad and grandpa graduated from the U; following in their footsteps means a lot to me.