Meet Your Best of Woodbury 2018 Winners!

Honoring the winners of our annual Best of Woodbury readers’ choice survey.

There’s a lot to love about Woodbury. And you, our readers, have chosen the best businesses, people and organizations in our community, featured in these pages of our annual Best of Woodbury issue.


The Tavern Grill
Runners up: Tamarack Tap Room, Angelina’s Kitchen

The Tavern Grill
Runners up: Angelina’s Kitchen, Crave

The Tavern Grill
Runners up: Tamarack Tap Room, O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Keys Cafe and Bakery
Runners up: Woodbury Cafe, Ze’s Diner

Get to know Sherrie Risser, the opening server at Keys Cafe & Bakery; she has worked at the local Keys since it opened its doors in August 1995.

Describe your job.
I’m the first one here each morning at 6 a.m. I come in and set up the tables, put the coffee out, make sure the butter is out and is soft. And there are always people waiting, sometimes several tables full.

Why do you enjoy working at Keys?
There’s something different every day; it’s routine but it isn’t. Where else can you talk and socialize all day? There are a lot of regulars; I’d say 80 percent of our customers are regulars ... I know what they like to eat and drink.

What are your personal favorites on the breakfast menu?
I like our potatoes. And our bacon, of course. The French toast. And our strawberry-raspberry jam. And hands-down, our eggs Benedict.

Miller Barn Project

The dream of transforming Woodbury’s Miller Barn into an education and cultural center, set within a future city of Woodbury park, is beginning to move forward. We asked Woodbury Heritage Society president Wayne Schilling to share an update.

What is the Miller Barn project?
The Miller Barn, constructed between 1921 and 1922, will be used for preserving the history of Woodbury and honoring the Native Americans and settlers who gave birth to our community. The barn is situated on the city of Woodbury’s Valley Creek Open Space property near Settlers Ridge Parkway and Valley Creek Road. The Woodbury Heritage Society wishes to preserve the character of the original barn, saving the layers and layers of information about our history and our ancestors.

What will the future education and cultural center include?
We plan to preserve animal stalls in the barn and a portion of the haymow as it might have been in the 1800s or early 1900s. This design will allow young people to literally “play in the hay” as our community’s founders did when they were young children, and stories will be shared about our past settlers. There will also be historical exhibits and educational stations.

What is the current status of the project?
Thanks to our local Minnesota House and Senate representatives, we were awarded a state grant of $160,000 to help replace the roof, paint and repair the siding. These repairs, which will prevent any further deterioration, should take place this spring.

How can the community help?
Heritage preservation is an essential part of any city that values itself. The Miller Barn project is exciting and is just getting started, and it needs the support of the entire community. Residents are urged to consider making a contribution to help with this historical preservation project.

For more information on the Miller Barn project or to make a contribution, visit the website here.


Custom One Homes
Runners up: Derrick Custom Homes, Creative Homes

Runners up: J&J Remodelers, LLC, Cardinal Remodeling

Pomegranate Designs
Runners up: Interior Impressions, Merriment

Warner’s Outdoor Solutions
Runners up: Ispiri Landscaping, Northwoods Landscaping and Design

Saint Therese of Woodbury
Runners up: Woodbury Senior Living, Oak Meadows Senior Living

Saint Therese of Woodbury embraces the continuum care model by offering services to meet the needs of all seniors. We asked executive director Katelyn Nowack to describe the various living options at Saint Therese.

Rosewood. Home to long-term care residents who receive 24/7 care by skilled, compassionate staff.

Hawthorne and Evergreen. Neighborhoods for transitional care guests who receive expert speech, occupational and physical therapy services to ensure they are ready for a successful transition home.

The Garden. Home to residents requiring memory care in a secured setting, with a beautiful courtyard/gardens plus tailored activity and sensory programs.

The Garden Path. An adult day program open to the community for those with memory care needs, with restaurant-style meals and an extensive activity program.

The Grove. Home to residents who can receive 24/7 home care services, offering an assisted living setting and access to campus amenities and activities.

Alpine Apartments. Home to independent residents, with access to dining amenities, activities and day trips while receiving a sense of community in a safe environment.

Redwoods. Opened in November 2017 and detached from the main campus, the apartments offer onsite wellness programs, activities and outings as well as access to all main campus amenities.

Whispering Gardens – Cottage Grove
Runners up: Frattalone’s Ace Hardware, Black’s Greenhouse & Nursery – Lakeland

HOM Furniture
Runners up: Schneiderman’s Furniture, Borofka’s Furniture


Woodbury YMCA
Runners up: Life Time Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness

Woodbury Dental Care
Runners up: Saluté Dental, Park Dental - Woodbury

Henseler Orthodontics
Runners up: Horton Orthodontics, Dunn Orthodontics

Runners up: Woodbury Family Chiropractic, Woodbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Central+Priority Pediatrics – Woodbury
Runners up: HealthEast Clinic – Tamarack, Entira Family Clinics – Woodbury

Associated Eye Care - Woodbury
Runners up: St. Paul Eye Clinic - Woodbury, Woodbury Eye  Care Clinic

Since 1972, Associated Eye Care has served the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin, offering a wide range of vision services. We talked with Phil Jackson, director of retail operations and marketing, to find out more about the eye clinic.

Name some health problems that eye exams can detect.
While we can easily determine visual acuity (how you see), we are looking for early signs of more serious eye problems such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Routine eye exams can detect other health problems too, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, through analysis of the blood vessels and surrounding structure.   

Why are comprehensive eye exams important?  
Technological advancements have changed the way adults use their vision on a day-to-day basis. Extensive use of computers and cell phones means a typical patient’s eyes work harder throughout the day. Increased use necessitates maintenance which is one of the reasons why we recommend routine eye care.  

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that a child have their first eye exam at six months. Approximately 20 percent of preschoolers have visual problems and don’t have the necessary vision correction, so getting children in for an eye exam around age three is recommended.      

For adults, we recommend a baseline eye exam at or over age 40 as this is the time when visual changes can occur. Eye diseases become more common as we age and some, such as glaucoma, can develop slowly without subsequent vision loss. Cataracts also develop over time.  

What’s new with vision correction options?
Glasses have become even more fashionable as people choose to have multiple pairs for various needs and occasions. With the added benefit of transition lenses, glasses can block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and these adaptive lenses darken when exposed to UV light. I wear these lenses and receive compliments on a daily basis when I walk outside. But I also wear contact lenses, which are more comfortable than ever before. I don’t struggle with hydration issues anymore thanks to our outstanding contact lens team, who switched me to daily wear lenses. It’s amazing what an eye exam can do, and I am in the business.

Dermatology Consultants – Woodbury
Runners up: SkinSpeaks Advancements in Dermatology, Advanced Dermatology Care – Stillwater

Radiance Medspa
Runners up: Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Skin Care, Rocheford Plastic Surgery

Spalon Montage
Runners up: Salon Ultimo, The Salon

Metric Auto Works

There’s no shortage of praise for Woodbury car repair business Metric Auto Works. Located in Woodbury since 2007, the business dates back to its start in St. Paul in 1976. “Metro Auto Works has always been an import vehicle specialist,” says Chris Huntington, owner. “We are known mostly for European car service, but we also work on a fair number of Japanese cars as well. The top five are BMW, Land Rover, VW/Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.” Here’s what loyal customers say about Metric Auto Works.


Mainstream Boutique
Runners up: Primp, Evereve

We asked owner Deb Terlizzi what she enjoys most about being a boutique owner.

We empower women by making them feel their best. We’ll help a woman from head to toe—blouse, tank top, cardigan, scarf, a ponte pant, jewelry, shoes—and often they ask us to take the tags off so they can wear the outfit right out of the store.

We serve women from age 17 to 70, and beyond. We have a lot of stay-at-home moms who like things a little more edgy and trendy, and professional women as well. We also draw really stylish women in their seventies and eighties. They say, ‘I want to look cool but not like I’m trying too hard.’

We help women get out of their box. One thing I like to do—if someone takes an item to the dressing room, say a blouse, I’ll bring a couple more blouses for them to try, in a new color or style for them. They almost always buy what I suggest. And I get all giddy when customers want jeans. Skinny? Boot cut? Button, zipper or pull-on? It’s fun!

We get to know our customers well. We have a lot of repeat customers and we have a great rewards program: if they reach $850 in sales, they get 20 percent off their next total sale. We keep track in our system and they have 60 days to use the discount.

We like working with each other. I feel so blessed to work with my daughter and also our other employees. Some have been with me for years; some have left and come back. They do a fantastic job selling and have built up great relationships with customers.

We have a good company. Mainstream Boutique carries top brands and now has its own label, Mac and Me. We do in-store shows that are fundraisers for sports teams, the Spanish Immersion school, breast cancer, etc. I take clothes to 3M and Thomson Reuters; employees who are too busy to shop love the ability to shop at work but also love to come to our stores. Mainstream Boutique is a sisterhood; I’ve had six customers who have opened their own stores.

Runners up: Kowalski’s Market, The Woods

Sweet Peas Floral
Runners up: Woodlane Flowers, Kowalski’s Market

Kowalski’s Market
Runners up: Dorothy Ann Bakery & Café, Nadia Cakes

Woodbury Days

This August marks the 40th anniversary of Woodbury Days, our city’s major community festival. The event will take place August 24-26 at Ojibway Park and feature the business fair, Taste of Woodbury, beer tent, petting zoo, parade, carnival rides and games, and fireworks. Here are some of the new events and activities for kids at this year’s Woodbury Days:

Princess Bingo Hour
Three princess characters will host a special hour of bingo with prizes, followed by a meet and greet.

Superhero Performance and Training
A surprise superhero will appear at Woodbury Days and lead children in activities, followed by a meet and greet.

Woodbury Days Challenge
Teams of two to four will receive clues leading them to different vendor booths. Teams must complete a light challenge. All participants receive a t-shirt.

Holiday Bliss

After three seasons of operating a store at Woodbury Lakes Shopping Center, Holiday Bliss is retiring its retail location. “We realized that our own enjoyment of the most magical time of the year had been replaced with around-the-clock work, to the point where our own home wasn’t decorated,” says owner Ryan Smith. “We had departed from all the traditions and activities that started it all.”

Good news for Woodbury: Holiday Bliss continues to offer its spectacular holiday decorating and consulting services. Here are Smith’s tips for decorating a designer holiday tree of your own.

Start with a good tree
Many artificial trees are pre-lit, which saves time; look for Staylit, Duralit or Always Lit lighting systems.

Create depth
If you’re lighting your own tree, light from tree trunk to tip. You want the tree to be illuminated from the inside out which also creates depth.

Create dimension
The most common pitfall is only decorating the outside of the tree: placing all the lights, ribbon and ornaments on the tree tips. Instead, use all of the real estate of the tree, from the inside out.


Hudson Road Animal Hospital
Runners up: Paws Unleashed, Animal Inn Pet Resort & Spa – Lake Elmo

New Life Academy
Runners up: Primrose School of Woodbury, Stepping Stones Early Learning Center

Meshbesher & Spence – Oakdale
Runners up: Baumann Law Office, Johnson/Turner Legal, Sjoberg & Tebelius, P.A. (tied for third)

Hudson Road Animal Hospital
Runners up: Woodbury Animal Hospital, Carver Lake Veterinary Center

Founded in 1961, Hudson Road Animal Hospital continues to provide excellent pet care. “We provide compassionate veterinary care to cats and dogs, offering innovative medicine, including acupuncture, ultrasound” and others, says Marcy Ward, practice manager. “We offer professional pet grooming to both cats and dogs, and our pet boarding and daycare is available to cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other pocket pets. Our clients truly appreciate that their pets are able to have medical care, grooming and boarding all within our hospital.”

Sylvan Learning Center
Runners up: Mathnasium, LearningRx

Woodbury Parks and Recreation
Runners up: Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground, Woodbury YMCA

K&S Conservatory of Music

In order to be a bit more professional and not teach in their living rooms, Sue Krebsbach and Carol Sailer decided to share a rented teaching space in St. Paul Park starting in May of 1990. An adult student asked if they could get a flute teacher to join them, so that her daughter wouldn’t have to travel so far for private lessons. That was the start of K&S Conservatory of Music.

After realizing they were attracting several Woodbury students, K&S opened a second location in Woodbury’s Season’s Market in 1994. In 1999, the conservatory moved to its current location in the Woodbury Gateway Centre. After relocating to Arizona, Carol Sailer sold her half of K&S; the current owners are Sue Krebsbach, Sue Ruby and Sarah Mensen. “We are a locally owned and operated small business,” says the trio. “We’re owners, but we are also teachers here, so we are interested not just in the business side, but the educational side as well.”

Jerry's Foods

Who says grocery shopping isn't fun? Going to the grocery store has become a fun family tradition at Jerry’s Foods. The store, which opened in April 2015, hosts a number of popular free family events each year including the Egg-stra Special Day with the Easter Bunny, which features face painting, make-your-own spring flower pot, spring treats and more. Jerry’s hosts Halloween Trick or Treating and A Very Merry Santa Day, and the store also partnered with Woodbury Community Theatre for Pop In, a meet and greet with the cast of Mary Poppins, and East Ridge High School’s Loft Stage for Swim In, a meet and greet with the cast of The Little Mermaid.

“Our Halloween event is always the most attended,” says Elizabeth Kriel, promotions and digital marketing specialist. “We saw over 1,500 trick-or-treaters in 2017; we love hosting that one and our team members love dressing up, too. Our Easter Bunny and Santa Day events are our next popular; we partner with the Woodbury Rotary, City and County Credit Union and the Woodbury Royal Ambassadors—they truly help us bring those events to life. There’s nothing better than 400 kiddos in our store ready to tell Santa what they want for Christmas; the 2017 event was a huge success.”

Kriel says that Jerry’s has lots of repeat event-goers, “and we love that. We want to give back to the community. We’ve found that partnering with the local school/community groups is a win-win for everyone. The groups receive the exposure and we get the opportunity to give back while promoting our store.”

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