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by | Aug 2021

The Mix Nutrition Club

Photo by: Chris Emeott

The Mix offers a new take on nutrition shakes, protein coffee, tea and more.

For many households, an aloe vera plant is just like any other houseplant. For others, it is a medicinal plant, containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. But for Kat Chirhart, aloe vera comes in the form of a healthy, nutritional drink.

“An aloe vera-based drink helps to aid digestion, acid reflux, things like that,” she says. Chirhart, a Woodbury resident and owner of The Mix, a Woodbury-based nutrition club, says the aloe vera-based drinks are just one part of the experience at The Mix.

With a three-part menu—a shot of aloe, an herbal tea and a shake—these meal replacement combinations are endless.

“The aloe is your digestive aid, the tea gives you an energy boost, and includes more antioxidant properties, and the shake is your meal replacement, which is very nutritious,” Chirhart says.

The first part of the meal, the aloe shot, is the favorite part for many customers, says Chirhart. It comes in three flavors: mango, cranberry and mandarin. “It’s just such a refreshing shot,” she says.

Photo by: The Mix

However, the aloe vera shot is more than just a refreshment. Some science behind drinking aloe vera in its pure, uncolored form shows an abundance of health benefits. Not only can it prevent or help treat dehydration, but its antioxidant properties and enzymes can aid liver function, reduce the appearance of acne, psoriasis and dermatitis, relive side effects from heartburn and help keep the digestive system running properly.

“It’s also really refreshing and soothing,” Chirhart says.

An herbal tea is the second part of the meal—and with three “levels” and over 40 varieties of herbal teas, there is a flavor for everyone.

“There’s different levels of tea. Some have a healthy energy boost, some have collagen,” Chirhart says. Level one offers a thermogenic boost (leading to increased metabolism), level two offers a boost of vitamin B as well as extra energy and focus, and level three includes a boost of collagen.

Teas can also be customized to include immunity essentials or a relaxing herbal blend.

Photo by: The Mix

“My favorite tea is our regular raspberry lemonade tea,” Chirhart says. “But, out of our most popular level two tea bombs, I like the mixer (our signature drink), the royal and the palm bomb.”

The last part of the meal is the meal replacement shake, which has over 80 flavors ranging from Vanilla Vibes and Chocolate Lovers to Tutti Fruity and Peanut Butter Perfection, according to The Mix’s menu.

“The meal replacement shake is very nutritious,” Chirhart says. “We have flavors like wedding cake and brownie batter, but all the shakes are still healthy.”

Protein coffee and bites, plus meal bars, also dominate the menu, and fitness classes are just another leg of the business. “Our most popular class is cardio drumming, but we also do dance fitness (essentially a Zumba class), boot camp and yogalates,” Chirhart says, noting every participant receives the aloe/tea/shake meal with the class.

Photo by: The Mix

Although the menu is large, so is Chirhart’s plan to give back locally. “We really do like to recognize different businesses for services in our area,” she says. “It’s our way to give back to the community. We can give a healthy breakfast or lunch, good nutrition and a gentle energy boost, which is great, especially when times are difficult for a lot of people.”

Even before the grand opening in April 2021, Chirhart and her team were already donating meals to businesses and causes around town, including Birdi Golf, Salute Dental, StretchLab, Patina, Woodbury Elementary School and more.

“We feel very blessed to be in this community. People have been so welcoming every day,” she says. “We can’t wait to get out to more businesses and impact the community even more.”

The Reviews are In!

“Absolutely beautiful and inviting space. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Everything was efficient and speedy even though it was grand opening and very busy. I loved everything about it. 10/10—I can’t wait to meet up with my girlfriends here.” —Tara D., Facebook

“There are so many flavors and all are so yummy! Great staff, great location, beautiful space.”
—Teri F.Y., Facebook

“This new nutrition club in Woodbury is amazing!!! The healthy shakes and teas are delicious. Staff is so friendly, welcoming and healthy. And the décor is beautiful and inspiring!!” —Kim S.R., Facebook

“The Mix has great teas and meal replacement shakes!! Haven’t had one I don’t like! Staff is FANTASTIC!” —Angi S., Facebook

“This fantastic new nutrition club in Woodbury is full of healthy options for coffee, teas, protein shakes, snacks and more! Great location! Amazing team!”
—Jessica H., Facebook


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