Molloy’s Melody

Meet the East Metro Symphony Orchestra’s new concertmaster, Joan Molloy.

As the child of two musicians, Joan Molloy was exposed to music at a young age. It wasn’t long before her love of music transitioned from playing records to practicing the piano and finally the violin. She describes her relationship with the violin as a labor of love. “It’s sort of the supreme challenge,” Molloy says. “It’s not that easy for everyone.”

Now, Molloy showcases her talent as the concertmaster for the East Metro Symphony Orchestra’s current season. Her 15 years of concertmaster experience for the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra and the Chippewa Valley Symphony is demonstrated through her excellent partnership with the conductor and leadership of the other musicians. “It’s good for us to be a cohesive voice in the orchestra,” says Molloy, adding that part of her role is supporting the conductor’s musical vision and helping express it through music.

Hear Molloy play at EMSO’s upcoming concert, “All You Need is Love,” February 10 at 7:30 at the Lake Elmo Event Center.
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