A mother-daughter bond is captured in Steve Kobayashi’s photo.

Katie Musser with her daughter, Mia

I admit that I am very fond of this particular photo. The subjects are two special people in my life: my granddaughter, Mia Musser, with her mother—my daughter-in-law—Katie. The peaceful scene was snapped by Katie’s father, Steve Kobayashi, using a Canon 60D camera with a 28 mm lens. “My favorite subjects are my family, but mostly Mia,” says Kobayashi, who has lived in Woodbury for 26 years.

The photo is also our tribute to all mothers this month, as they are honored on Mother’s Day, May 10.

This photo earned an honorable mention in the People & Families category in Woodbury Magazine’s 2014 Focus on Woodbury photo contest.