A New Orthodontist in Town

Valley Orthodontics of Hudson adds second location in Woodbury.

After 12 years of managing a successful practice in Hudson, Wis., orthodontist Becky Maher has expanded with an additional location in Woodbury. When Maher began her practice, Hudson was a practical location for providing services while raising her children (she has three daughters). “Now that my children are a little older and I’m looking to add our services across the border, it’s easier to do with a second practice,” Maher says.

Valley Orthodontics takes pride in treating patients as family, listening to their concerns and tailoring all orthodontic plans to meet their patients’ specific needs. The practice offers all standard orthodontic services including Invisalign and braces for adults and children. The new Woodbury location offers the same services but also provides flexibility for practitioners and patients alike. “My staff and I will be traveling between locations,” says Maher, whose ultimate goal is to have a partner. She believes the expansion is a big step in that direction.