Oisin Wachholz: Budding Artist

A talented local young man makes digital art his pastime.

While most 15-year-olds are playing video games or streaming Netflix, Oisin Wachholz has found a creative passion: digital art. “I was on the internet and I saw paintings and drawings,” Wachholz says. “And I saw a video on how they did it and I got interested.”

The teen, who attends Woodbury High School, says that digital art is his main focus at the moment. “I think I like digital art because I can undo mistakes. With traditional, sometimes with paint, you can’t just undo it. You’ll have to paint over it,” Wachholz says. “I like digital art because you don’t really run out of materials. It’s always there for you.”
A YouTuber reached out to Wachholz after another artist re-tweeted him on Twitter. He asked Wachholz to make thumbnails for his YouTube videos. “He just messaged me, talking about future commissions, and that’s kind of how I got noticed and started making thumbnails,” Wachholz says. Along with making YouTube thumbnails, Wachholz says that he enjoys making animations and cartoons.

When asked about his future plans, he says he wants to go to art school in California or New York to continue with animation. “If I ever got the opportunity to work at Disney in the future, I’d probably take it,” Wachholz says. “But maybe later in my career; as I get more advanced, maybe I could start making my own shows.”

One main fact remains—it’s definitely going to be art-related. “My favorite part of the process is coloring, choosing the colors,” Wachholz says. “But another big favorite is seeing the outcome. It usually takes a long time, but it’s usually worth it.”