Orthology opens new location in Woodbury and brings Josh Sandell’s methodology of team collaboration for maximum results.

Orthology’s methodology of team collaboration comes to Woodbury.
Josh Sandell of Orthology works with Olympic track and field bronze medalist Kellie Wells.

Anyone with a basic understanding of the human body knows that we are made up of systems, and these systems work together. When it comes to healing an injury, “you can’t just address one system,” says Josh Sandell, chiropractic physician and developer of the methodology behind Orthology wellness centers. This is what makes Orthology a unique clinical experience; the care team is made up of chiropractors and physical therapists. Over 15 years of Sandell’s experience with professional athletes went into the treatment methodology he created for his Orthology wellness centers.

When asked why he chose to work at Orthology, physical therapist Matt Wagner says, “There is a better collaboration environment. I work directly with a chiropractor, and we develop a plan and work on that plan together to help the patient get better faster.” The team addresses both components of injury—joints and muscle—at the same time, offering the best possible experience that will get clients back moving faster than a traditional treatment. Orthology’s specialty is chronic recurring pain and treating those who do not respond to traditional treatment.

Already established on the west side of the metro area and now located in the east at Tamarack Hills in Woodbury, Orthology is proud of its strong network of medical professionals. For surgeries or procedures Orthology does not offer, Sandell says, “If we can’t help you, we will refer you directly to where you need to go.”

707 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 108; 651.846.1952; orthology.com