An adventure-filled afternoon at Carver Lake Park, hosted by the city of Woodbury, offered kids and adults the chance to build a cool vehicle out of LEGOs, learn the basic skills of archery, tackle the skills of fishing, and enjoy making s’mores at a bonfire.

Woodbury Kids is helping to encourage families to get out and play this summer.

Improving the health of the community is the goal of Woodbury Thrives, an initiative promoting physical, spiritual, financial and emotional well-being.

Ojibway Park, one of Woodbury’s oldest parks and the site of Woodbury Days, will be undergoing improvements this summer.

Whether homeowners prefer a landscape of clean lines with lush grass and expertly trimmed, regal shrubs, or bright pops of color from rows of flowers, one thing is consistent—a yard is a sanctuary.

Ah, the games of summer: Polesh...ladder golf...KanJam?

Before I accepted my first real job as a morning news producer, before I said ‘I do’ to my farm boy-turned-city dweller husband, before I birthed three children of my own, I was just a knobby-kneed girl wearing a scrunchied side ponytail, tracing my name in the dusty dirt of a Woodbury softball f

As the summer draws to a close and the kids head back to school, one Woodbury neighborhood has one last hurrah to celebrate the warm weather and build community.

Whether you’re looking forward to a day of swimming or want to grill some hamburgers to share with friends, Carver Lake Park’s beach is a fun destination this summer. “The beach is a huge draw to the area,” says Mike Adams, Woodbury assistant parks and recreation director.

The Starlight Cinema movie night was an idea that came from the mind of Amanda Roseth two summers ago, after putting a projector and movie screen up for people in her Woodbury neighborhood. “I guess that was kind of the start of everything,” Roseth says.

Since opening in June 2015, the splash pad at Bielenberg Sports Center (BSC) has been a popular outing for many local families.