Painting makeovers at Pomegranate Designs in Woodbury

Breathe life into stained wood furniture with a painting makeover.
A glimpse at before (left) and after (right).

Think twice before you put that wooden chest of drawers in the garage sale pile. With a coat or two of one-step paint, that piece of furniture can be refurbished for either traditional or contemporary design.

“In the U.S., we are throwing away 10 million pieces of furniture each year,” says Carol Williams, co-owner of Pomegranate Designs. “Plus, 90 percent of the furniture we purchase [in the U.S.] is not made in this country.”

Pomegranate carries the Amy Howard at Home one-step paint line, in 36 colors, which covers wood, brass, cement, formica and glass. “You don’t have to paint or sand—you can just start painting,” Williams says. “This is an excellent calcium carbonate paint that offers a soft, chalky look in one or two coats. Or you can go further by finishing with clear and antique waxes.”

In addition to wood pieces such as dressers and tables, the one-step paint is a good solution for built-ins that are crying out for a new look. “This paint covers oak, and a lot of people are fighting oak in their homes,” Williams says. “One client painted a huge oak dining room built-in an antique white shade and it totally transformed the room.”

With paint classes offered at Pomegranate, do-it-your-selfers learn techniques for the Amy Howard line, as well as how to guild (silver or gold leafing) and how to antique mirrors. Pomegranate also offers three hour painting classes. “Those are great for bridal or baby showers; we supply breakfast or dinner with wine, and the guests learn new techniques,” Williams says.


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