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Stratus, Cirrus, Cirrocumulus. There are many types of clouds, but for local author Christina Brandt, cloud gazing is more creative than their scientific terms.

Woodbury’s Joe Thornton is a regular presence at the annual Bayfront Blues Festival, a weekend-long event that draws thousands of blues fans to the shores of Lake Superior every August.

When Michelle Miller started her college experience at the University of St. Thomas (UST), she knew that she wanted to be as involved as possible. But after four years, “involved” is an understatement.

looking in, carol jean felth seems to be the quintessential minnesota mom. Decked out in her U of M hoodie and Woodbury Royals beanie, she happily spends her nights and weekends cheering at soccer games and helping with math homework.

Jennifer Wenshau is enjoying her role as the new membership and marketing director at the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, helping to expand the fast-growing chamber, now ranked the ninth largest in Minnesota.

As just the third basketball coach in Woodbury High School (WHS) history, Kent Getzlaff takes great pride in his occupation and also in his community.

When Brian Netto and Adam Schindler met as fourth-graders at Woodbury Elementary School in the late 1980s, they began what would prove to be one of the most important and enduring relationships of their lives.

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Regular listeners to 1500 ESPN’s Mackey & Judd show have undoubtedly come to know and love it for its conversational style, goofy personalities and lighthearted sense of humor.

After Collin Johnson was born eight weeks premature with a grade four brain hemorrhage, his parents were told he would likely never walk or run, and that there was a high chance he would have cerebral palsy.

Meet Woodbury’s Danielle Nitardy, an outstanding member of Tartan High School’s class of 2016.