Pets in a People World

Local resident Donna Chicone encourages positive pet parenting.
Local author Donna Chicone with her dogs, Jazz and Jive.

Donna Chicone moved to Woodbury more than 30 years ago, when it was starting to develop and thrive as a city. Nowadays, Chicone enjoys Woodbury’s naturally beautiful trails while she walks her two Portuguese water dogs, Jazz, age 10, and Jive, age 6, of whom she is a proud pet parent. They’ve been her inspiration and her business brand as she follows her passion for encouraging other pet parents, particularly those with dogs.

Chicone’s first book, Being a Super Pet Parent, was released last November as an extension of an Internet TV show she hosted several years ago with Jazz. In the book, she outlines what it means to be a true pet parent and how to encourage the human-dog relationship to reach its full potential. According to Chicone, there are parallels between raising a dog and raising a human child, but it’s crucial to understand and respect both the similarities and differences. “Oftentimes the lines get blurred and we translate human thinking,” she says. “We need to prepare dogs to live comfortably in a human-dominated world.”