Project Pickleball

Shawnee Park pickleball courts undergo complete renovations.

The Woodbury Pickleball Program has been using converted tennis courts at Shawnee Park for about four years. A large number of pickleball players attended the 2016 budget meeting and expressed an interest in upgrading the facilities. “The pavement on the existing court was 20-some years old; it was cracking and no longer in a condition that was suitable for pickleball,” says assistant parks and recreation director Mike Adams. The City Council was receptive to the idea and plans were developed for a new resurfacing project, to be completed this summer. The comprehensive plan for the new courts includes replacing the court surface pavement, upgrading to black vinyl fencing and putting official pickleball standards in place.

While the six new courts at Shawnee Park are being built, pickleballers will play at Woodbury Elementary School, where courts are also being striped. With more than 170 players in the program, Adams believes this upgrading project is essential for increasing membership and providing competitive players the best possible facility to play their sport. Once the courts are complete, the school will be used as an overflow playing location. Adams says the city is working with Woodbury Elementary so that both can benefit from this upgrade. “Our pickleball group can use it during non-school hours, but [the school] will also have it for recess or gym class options,” he adds.