Real Estate Duo

Crossroads Properties hires a pair from different generations.
Zac Houle and Dan Dolan of Crossroads Properties.

As a major commercial real estate company in the booming Woodbury area, Crossroads Properties seeks to hire some of the best and brightest in the business. This past year, they made two hires from different generations.

Dan Dolan is a seasoned veteran with decades of real estate experience, and Zac Houle is a recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas. Together, they complement each other on various projects and offer unique perspectives.

Dolan has been involved with real estate in the community since 1977, where he began his partnership, Dan Dolan Realtors, and successfully developed area neighborhoods, including Evergreen. After a long career and being named a member of the Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame, Dolan retired last November, but decided to come back to the business at the request of Crossroads Properties president David Johnson.

Houle graduated last May with a degree in business entrepreneurship and real estate; he previously interned at Crossroads and now has an office next to Dolan. “I’ve always been passionate about real estate since I was very young, and with Dan here and multiple generations of experience, I can be a sponge and learn how to gain their knowledge over the years,” Houle says.

Dolan also has a few things to learn from Houle as technology is advancing and the real estate industry is changing with it. Dolan says he often checks in with Houle and knows he can answer any of his questions about technology.

Outside of the projects they work on together, Houle and Dolan have a great relationship and will often chat about golf. “You know, it’s funny, you really wouldn’t think a young guy and an older guy would work well together, but we really do,” Houle says.