Refresh, Rejuvenate

Four beauty musts for the changing seasons.
Woodbury Magazine art director Jacqueline Hagyard shows off Salon 755’s demi-hair color glaze.

Summer calls for glowing tanned skin and dripping wet lake hair. Along with the fun comes the rough and tumble of too much heat exposure. The constant sunshine, and often chlorine, can result in dry, damaged hair and skin. Fall is the time to rejuvenate, revitalize and refresh. So we polled four of our favorite Woodbury beauty spots for their must-haves this season.

1. Keratese Fusio Doses

Bella Beau

Bella Beau co-owner Trisha Remackel suggests the deep conditioning treatment, a feature that can be added to any service, for damaged hair. Whether it’s moisture or breakage, keratese fusio is customized to hair’s specific needs. Treatments begin at $30. Bella Beau is also the only salon in Woodbury that carries Bumble and Bumble, a line from New York City known for its cutting-edge knowledge and treatments and creating trends, Remackel says. The products are heat protectant, have UV filters and do not have chemical fillers that are found in other products. “It is really helpful for dry hair or static. It helps put [moisture] back in the hair with the summer beating it up,” Remackel says. Products begin at $30. 9891 Hudson Place, Suite 100; 651.501.8000.

2. Demi-hair Color Glaze

Salon 755

This coloring treatment is perfect for those who want a darker hair color change this fall, Salon 755 owner Kris Halseth says. The Jean Paul Mitchell Systems brand glaze is based on a formula developed in Europe and brought to the United States two years ago. Halseth says the product is essentially a deep conditioning treatment with a color glaze built in. “People are always amazed at how their hair feels (afterwards),” she says. “It’s not a permanent change, it’s demi-permanent. It’s a try-on, a test drive.” Prices start at $47 and depend on hair length and thickness. 755 Bielenberg Drive; 651.501.7464.

3. Dermapen

Radiance Medspa

Dermapen, currently the spa’s most sought-after treatment, is a collagen induction therapy using needles to pierce the skin. Radiance Medspa aesthetician and laser technician Renee Miller says it’s great for fine lines, acne marks and surgical scars and pores; perks include short treatment time, little to no downtime and minimal discomfort. It’s also safe for all skin types and doesn’t counter-balance sun exposure (i.e. summer tans will not fade). “Damages from the sun break down your skin; that’s where you’re going to notice more fine lines and wrinkles,” she says. “It’s a good time to rejuvenate the skin moving forward through the rest of the year into fall and winter.” $199 per session. 9040 Hudson Road; 651.204.9338.

4. Hot Stone Massage

CorePower Yoga & Spa

Summer dries out hair and skin, but don’t forget to revitalize the body and mind too. CorePower Yoga’s marketing manager Missi Rossi simplifies the massage down to two words: warm and relaxation. Heated rocks are used throughout the session as deep muscle relaxants; they ease swelling, eliminate stress and improve circulation. “It’s a great way to relax and stay warm as the temperatures cool down,” Rossi says. $95 for 60 minutes or $69 for spa-club members. 8160 Coller Way; 651.459.9642.