A Rockin’ Revue

Come see the community perform Broadway favorites in Stars on Broadway 4: Rockin’ Broadway.
Director Lori Sager leads a rehearsal for Stars on Broadway 4: Rockin’Broadway.

Stars on Broadway returns with its fourth installment, and this time, the show is bringing rock n’ roll. Featuring songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Motown, Hairspray, School of Rock, Rent, Hamilton and more, the Woodbury Community Theatre (WCT) musical will have you jamming all night long. “It’s similar to a rock concert, but with the Broadway spin on it,” Lori Sager, director of the musical, says.

The show is set up like a musical revue; it’s comprised of a 112 member cast. This allows each member of the community, from elementary school kids to seniors, a chance to shine and share their love for music with an audience.

This WCT production is a rock and pop-styled musical compilation, featuring a large instrumental group. “There will be fabulous rock guitarists and pianists,” Sager says. “We’re going to have dueling bands; it’ll be a lot of fun.”

For Sager, WCT’s Stars on Broadway is the product of her desire to hear all of her favorite songs in a show. She started with the first one featuring her favorite Broadway shows, which then led into a collection of earlier beloved Broadway shows, and then the third installment with Disney-based Broadway musicals. “They’ve been successful, and everyone has enjoyed being in them,” Sager says. She adds that doing big shows such as this delights the participants of the musical and the audience as it introduces a shared love of songs to the community.

Sager focuses on the songs that are most poignant. She chooses music that people have already heard or should be introduced to. “You don’t have to watch the whole entire show to get the concept of what happens,” Sager says.

The show is perfect for all ages. “It will be a wonderful evening for families to be a part of something special,” Sager says.

Stars on broadway 4: rockin’ broadway
7 p.m. March 16, 17, 23 and 24;
3 p.m. March 15 and 18 The Loft Stage