Ronnally’s Pizza Remains A Favorite Under New Ownership

New owners reopen Ronnally’s Pizza, which remains a Woodbury favorite.
Diana and Greg Ehlenz at Ronally’s Pizza.

Ronnally’s Pizza is the oldest family restaurant in Woodbury and a favorite of many locals. So when it suddenly closed in February, customers were missing their favorite pizza joint. Right around this time Diana Ehlenz and her husband, Greg, were on a mission to make a career change. More specifically: Open a pizza place.

The pair had been thinking about opening a Red’s Savoy Pizza in Woodbury until the sudden closing of Ronnally’s. It was already the perfect place; the ovens were there. “We thought, ‘let’s do it and keep it the same,’” Diana says. Ronnally’s was such a hit, the couple jumped right in, took over and truly kept everything the same from the homemade crust and pizza sauce to homemade blue cheese dressing.

“I like to ask people how they heard of the place,” Diana says, recalling a recent event when some out-of-towners told her that they Googled “best restaurants in Woodbury” and ended up at the number one spot mentioned: Ronnally’s. “That [carries] a lot of credence, that many people are still saying we’re the best.”

Diana and Greg’s career move was a big change, and they are happy they took it on. They love to hear the wonderful stories about the restaurant and be in a place with so much history. People are always telling the couple how happy they are that Ronnally’s stuck around.