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Al Shams and wife Debra stand in front of a renovated 1880 Woodbury farmhouse.
As the renovation gets underway, we talked with the current owners and the granddaughter of the original owners to learn about the home’s past, present and future.
Skincare products from BeeNaturalz
From acne spot treatment to lip balm and deodorant, BeeNaturalz offers an array of natural products with beeswax, honey, pollen and other ingredients sourced locally.
A wooden Christmas decoration.
Historic downtown Stillwater is a destination for visitors from all over.
Eric Galler stands next to a statue of a leopard.
Woodbury’s Eric Galler wants to share the hows and whys of early retirement.
The Woodbury Rotary Club cleans up garbage.
When the Woodbury Rotary Club says it’s “an inclusive community for all,” its members prove they aren’t joking around.
Patently Good Law firm Woodbury Shumaker & Sieffert
A law firm grows and prospers in Woodbury.
Kick off your holiday shopping with some of our top picks from Patina
Need some help picking out gifts? Check out these top picks.