Shops & Business

Anytime Fitness’ headquarters, currently located in Hastings, will settle into its new home in Woodbury in the spring of 2016.

One of the busiest and most utilized roads in Woodbury was nothing more than a gravel thoroughfare just three decades ago. But one man’s vision, a 275-acre Christmas tree farm and five intrepid houses paved the way—literally—for a new road and a booming suburb. 

“I have always loved that word from Christmas cards and poetry,” says Sarah Olsen, owner of Merriment, a new home furnishings and accessory store that recently opened in Woodbury a few doors down from Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills.

Since 1988, Wellington Management has helped develop Woodbury into a thriving community, friendly to local businesses.

As joyous as weddings are, there is no denying they are stressful. Choosing the perfect venue, food and dress can be a lot to handle. But when it comes to flowers for the big day, Bel Fiore has it covered.