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Newlyweds Megan and Blaine Beck juggle full-time careers with Blaine’s thriving DJ entertainment business on the weekends.

Summer calls for glowing tanned skin and dripping wet lake hair. Along with the fun comes the rough and tumble of too much heat exposure. The constant sunshine, and often chlorine, can result in dry, damaged hair and skin. Fall is the time to rejuvenate, revitalize and refresh.

As any good glasses wearer knows, choosing a pair of frames isn’t as easy as walking in the door and grabbing something off the shelf.

From left: Miss Woodbury Princess Megan Wolf, Little Miss Woodbury Princess Sammy Ogle, Miss Woodbury Lynnae Boe, Little Miss Woodbury Isabelle Fournier, Woodbury Senior Queen Karen Malone, Little Miss Woodbury Princess Faith Fogarty and Miss Woodbury Princess Maureen Oien.

It’s hard to imagine a royal family resides in a community like Woodbury, but alas it’s true.

Woodbury Magazine August 2004

In August 2004, the first issue of Woodbury Magazine arrived in local homes.

Phipps Inn, a Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast in Hudson, Wis.

Ah Minnesota summers. It’s what we live for. We know better than most how to maximize the narrow window of summer—hiking, boating, fresh fruit picking—the bevy of activities goes on. Right in our backyard is the St.

There is a renewed spark of interest in the railroad among Minnesotans, with the expanding light-rail line and President Barack Obama’s February speech at the restored St. Paul Union Depot.

Photographers Kirk Duit and Laurie Pease Johnson of Kirk Portrait Designs in Woodbury offer their time and talent as official photographers for Tribute to