Sparkling Wine: Not Just for New Year’s Eve

Sales for sparkling wines soar during the holidays. Most of us pop a cork to ring in the New Year. And with good reason—celebrations and sparkling wines pair perfectly. But it’s time to think beyond the holidays: Sparkling wine goes very well with many occasions and many foods.

And it’s not just about Champagne. Champagne is a small region in northern France where true Champagne originates. It’s so legendary, we often use the term to describe all sparkling wine. There are so many other great styles and price points to choose from—light and refreshing Prosecco; sparkling Rosé; sweet Moscato; Cava from Spain; Cremants from France; and fantastic sparkling wines from the United States. Try them with foods like French fries, chips, brie cheese and crackers.

I have a theory: You can’t be in a bad mood and drink sparkling wine. If you want to start a dinner party on a festive note, open a bottle of sparkling wine. Your friends will ask what you’re celebrating, and you can simply reply, “Having dinner with good friends.” Test out the theory at your next dinner party. Start with French fries and brut sparkling—I think you’ll find a good time guaranteed.

—Andy Carl, Woodbury’s Wine Wizard