All Dolled Up

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With an emphasis on ease and comfort, a more natural approach to beauty is taking the world by storm. Shifting from glamorous contoured statements to “no makeup, makeup” looks, people are turning to simple personal care approaches and clean remedies to enhance their natural beauty and embrace their unique physical characteristics.  Read more about All Dolled Up


Experts at Spalon Montage on Looking Great at Every Age

For 25 years, Spalon Montage has offered the best in hair care services and skin treatments to their many loyal clients. In celebration of the salon’s 25th anniversary, we asked some of its talented Woodbury stylists and aestheticians for their expert beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. While your style may change over the years, one thing remains the same: there’s nothing more beautiful than embracing your unique qualities and letting your personality shine through. Read more about Experts at Spalon Montage on Looking Great at Every Age


Skin Care Secrets

While we’re grateful for the warmth after our cold Minnesota winters, the hot and humid summer days can really take a toll on our skin. “Some humidity can actually be good for your skin; it will keep it hydrated,” says Emma Skog of Salon Ultimo. “When it gets really humid, however, sweat stays on our skin longer and can cause blocked pores. Read more about Skin Care Secrets


Salon Service

Jessica Johnson, owner of The Salon, says she chose to open her business in Woodbury last February because this is where her career started. She wanted to create a space that caters specifically to customer service needs, something she feels is crucial to the industry. The Salon, located in City Centre East, provides a full range of hair services, makeup application, skin care treatment and injections and massages. Read more about Salon Service



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