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Feeling Stuck

illustration of author William A. Kriva

With many unanticipated changes, it’s hard to not lose hope in tough times. That’s why Stuck, a new novel from William A. Kriva, DC, is meant to give hope and lift the spirit.

“Being stuck in some aspect of life is a normal occurrence,” Kriva says. “How we react to being stuck can be damaging not only to us but those around us if we react the way most people do.” Read more about Feeling Stuck

Travel via Reading

Man reading book at home in living room

With so many aspects of life on hold right now, those of us who love to travel must find another way to scratch that itch. I have found that one of the best ways to do this is through a book. While reading, I’m easily transported to experience more lives, places and times than I could ever visit in person. Read more about Travel via Reading

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