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The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis book cover.

Ali Hazelwood’s debut novel, The Love Hypothesis, is a love story unlike any other. The story follows Olive, a PhD student, who doesn’t believe in romance. However, her best friend, Anh, believes in fairytale love. Olive tries to convince Anh that she is, in fact, dating by kissing the first man she sees—which just so happens to be a hotshot, yet, rude professor, Adam Carlsen.

Adam agrees to be Olive’s fake boyfriend for the time being. At a convention gone wrong, however, Adam surprises Olive with his unwavering support, and this dating experiment starts to go wrong—or right? Read more about The Love Hypothesis

Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift

Phil Eldredge—a Woodbury native of 20 years—found himself inspired when his friend Vikas Narula asked the question, “What is your heart’s whisper?” Eldredge automatically knew the answer: Letters he wrote to his grandchildren when they were born. The question initiated more than just an inspiration, but a calling to publish those letters, now made into his children’s book From Tree to Seed: A Gift to You from Me (Wiseink, 2019). Read more about Nature’s Gift

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