dog training

Puppies and Socialization

Dogs need to be socialized to other dogs and humans to build their social confidence—whether with other pets and pet parents on walks or outdoor playdates. Socially confident dogs are fun to be with for humans and other dogs. Fearful or anxious dogs often need to be protected from these interactions.

Pet Parent Question:

“My dog loves to meet other dogs. Once in a while he will not show interest in the other dog. Is that something I should be concerned about?” Read more about Puppies and Socialization

Treats! Treats! Treats!

Research indicates the most successful training for dogs incorporates a food or toy/play reward. Most dogs are food motivated but some would rather play with a tug toy or ball. Both can be positive rewards. The key is the reward needs to be “high value.” Something that will motivate your dog to do what you ask to get the reward. I believe dogs deserve to be rewarded for good behavior every day. Once the desired behavior is learned, rewarding your dog for a sit reinforces your dog’s willingness to sit when you ask him the next time. Read more about Treats! Treats! Treats!

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