Undebatable Fun

Undebatable Fun East Ridge High School Students Emily Lawrence Debate Team

“In middle school, we were required to read a short story called ‘Flowers for Algernon,’ a story about a not-so-bright man undergoing surgery to become a genius,” explains East Ridge High School senior Julie Ma. “During the unit, we had a one-versus-one style debate on whether it was wise for Charlie to undergo the surgery or not.”

For Julie, this classroom book discussion, styled as a debate, was eye-opening. “I found that making arguments and listening to my opponent’s arguments was both interesting and exhilarating, so I wanted to pursue debate in high school,” Julie explains.

Woodbury’s Lanka Liyanapathiranage Is A Minnesota Top Ten Teacher

Each year, leaders in education, business, government and the nonprofit sector select 10 finalists for the Minnesota Teacher of the Year program. A local language arts teacher, Woodbury Middle School’s Lanka Liyanapathiranage, was one of the 10, nominated by Robyn Madson, an English teacher at Forest Lake High School. The two educators met at the Minnesota Writing Project’s Invitational Summer Institute.

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