Neuroplasticity and Exercise

Illustration of exercising brain

“I can do it,” I always say. But getting the motivation to exercise every day can be challenging. Luckily, it gets easier over time and is directly linked to significant neurological payoffs that last for decades.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to change over time, but it decreases with age. Exercise can keep it strong and healthy, and delay the onset of neurological disorders, like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Read more about Neuroplasticity and Exercise


Easy, Realistic Tips for Losing Weight

Healthy foods to help lose weight

Wanting to lose weight is a far cry from losing weight. It’s easy to make excuses for skipping your exercise, but it can and should be a regular part of your life. It’s easy to keep eating the way you always have, but simple, whole foods will combine with exercise to get you where you want to be: leaner, stronger, healthier and happier. The power of good nutrition and consistent exercise is almost like magic, and here are our secrets. Read more about Easy, Realistic Tips for Losing Weight

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