Recommit to Getting Fit

Running on a treadmill at home.

Establishing or renewing fitness goals is characteristic of our collective optimism when entering a new year. Clean slates and fresh starts are often exactly what’s needed to inspire movement toward improved health and wellness. But, unlike past years, many may be wondering how exactly to go about achieving fitness goals while still navigating our “new normal.” So, we interviewed a local expert about innovative ways you can get plugged in and fired up about getting fit. Read more about Recommit to Getting Fit


Limber Up

Flexologist assists with stretches during stretch session.

Fitness recovery is the latest health trend and taking the time to slow down plays an important role; after all, we perform our best when we feel our best. StretchLab, an assisted stretching studio with nearly 90 nationwide locations, recently opened in Woodbury’s Tamarack Village and understands recovery all too well.  Read more about Limber Up



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